News & Assignments

News and Events

***Swimming Every Tuesday--Students need a suit, towel, and a bag to carry them back and forth.  We will swim every Tuesday until 11/15.


Students are responsible for writing down homework in their Agendas.  In an effort to save paper, a monthly newsletter will go home from our class and from ELA.

  • ELA Students shoud study their spelling words every night.  The test will be Friday.
  • James and the Giant Peach project due Monday.
  • James and the Giant Peach test on Tuesday.


Spelling Lists (ELA Students ONLY)

Spelling Week of 9/12- 100 Club: Sarah Gainer & Kayla Darby (Congratulations!)

Spelling Week of 9/19- 100 Club: Makayla Bills, Kayla Caton-Peet, Tristen Herman & Avalon Kitto (Hooray!)

Spelling Week of 9/26- 100 Club: Makayla Bills, Kayla Caton-Peet, Noah Clark, Ronnie Dailey, Jeremey English, Sarah Gainer, Thomas Jacobson, Colby Jones, Avalon Kitto, Tristyn Risley, Andromeda Shirah, Xin Mei Zheng (Three Cheers!)

Spelling Week of 10/3-100 Club: No 100s this week. (Boo Hoo)

Spelling Week of 10/11-100 Club: Andromeda Shirah (Way to Go!)

Spelling Week of 10/17-monekys, friends, plays, supplies, taxes, holidays, months, companies, costumes, sandwiches, hobbies, daisies, delays, scratches, counties, teammates, memories, bunches, batteries, donkeys, Challenge: a lot, because

Weekly Schedule


 Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
 P.E. in the Gym

P.E. in the Health

& Fitness Room

Music Art  P.E. in the Gym



-testing James and the Giant Peach  and watching the

movie version to compare.

 Writing -editing and publishing our personal narrative.

-subtracting numbers with regrouping up to 5 digits


-continued work with parts of a flower

 Social Studies -beginning the First People of New York




~~~Due 10/6 Seed Dispersal Collection Poster-Students need to collect 10 different seeds and mount them on paper (provided) or a poster board.  Each seed

should be labled if the plant name is known and the method of dispersal (wind, water, air, animals) listed.