Frog Bucks and the 3 B's

Frog Bucks and the 3 B's

In our classroom we will use a system of money called Frog Bucks.  Children need the opportunity to learn about money in a real work situation and Frog Bucks lets us do that. 

To Earn Frog Bucks 

     Each child will have a classroom job that they will apply for based on what interests them. They change jobs monthly. They will get a weekly paycheck for their job.


     Children can also earn Frog Bucks for turning in homework on time, reading out of school, passing Acclerated Reader tests, and completing Knights of Knowledge Challenges.  

      In addition bonuses and extra credit will be available for Frog Bucks on a random basis.


Spending Frog Bucks

     To help the children truly understand money in a real world sense they will pay a monthly rent for the use of their desk, chair, and cubby.  Think of this like renting an apartment or paying a mortgage.

     There are also fines for inappropriate behavior in the classroom, hallway, and lunchroom.  Students who run out of Frog Bucks will pay the fines with Recess Minutes.

     Students will participate in monthly auctions for special opportunities like eating lunch in the classroom, extra computer time, and skip a homework passes.  At the end of each quarter we will visit Frog Mall where students can purchase items with their saved money.


We have a schoolwide behavior system based on the 3 B's of appropriate behavior and all of our classroom expectations come from the B's.

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

We also expect students to remember KHFOOTY:



Feet and






Children will also earn Good Knight tickets when they are observed following the 3 B's.  They get special recognition when they have earned 25, 50, 75, and 100 tickets.