About Our Class

Classroom Behavior

            Every student is expected to try their best and help create a positive classroom atmosphere.  We are a little family of learners, and spend a great deal of our day together!  Since we are fifth graders who are still learning how to follow social norms, I do not record the students’ daily behavior on any kind of formal behavior chart.  However, if there is a consistent or extreme behavior shown by your child, I promise to let you know, so that we can get them back on the right track to learning.  Additionally, if your child goes beyond basic social norms and does something extremely positive, I promise to let you know that as well! Look for daily notes in their planner, so that you have a daily snapshot of their day!

            I believe that good teaching incorporates a balance of ritual and positive reinforcement.  The students will know my expectations and we will spend the first few weeks practicing routines.  This will create a structured atmosphere which will ensure the safety of all students.  I also have a cool classroom reward system that your child is sure to love... just ask them about it : )

We want learning to be fun and meaningful!  This is how we remember what we have learned!



            Math Homework will be assigned every day Monday through Thursday.  In addition to nightly homework, your child should practice memorizing multiplication facts every day.  Links to online resources are provided on my webpage. Please feel free to have your child use them. Also, you and your child can purchase or make multiplication flash cards to use at home.  Even a deck of cards or handwritten numbers works!  Reading Homework will be to read for 20 minutes every night.  Occasionally we will have Science or Writing Homework, and unfinished classwork will also be sent home when applicable.



            Grades will be taken on a weekly basis for all core subjects, homework, effort and participation.   The expectation is that students will turn in work on time; late work will be noted in the gradebook.  The maximum grade that a student can earn on corrected (redo) work is the average of their new grade and original grade... depending on the nature of the assignment, the amount of support required to complete the assignment, and if student effort is shown. Students may also be offered a different assignment covering the same objective content as an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the covered skill.  In addition, students may be given reteach or enrichment work depending on their level of learning.  Every child learns at their own rate, and they will remain challenged a tad beyond their comfort level so that they are always striving higher!


Very frequently, students will work in cooperative groups and on journals.  Not every grade will be a pencil/paper assignment that will go home.  Please be sure to check your child’s current grades. Check their planner and my Homework webpage daily for test dates, as they will be announced and known days before.



Planners - Students will copy their homework and any reminders in their planner first thing as they settle into class. I will be checking and signing off in their planner at the end of class each day, so please look for a daily note or sticker that lets you know how your child did that day.  I also require an initial or signature from you each day, so that we can keep open communication flowing.  I feel it is important for each student to see positive links between home and school.

Email - The best way to get a message to me will be through email. I will always get back to you as soon as I am not working with the students.  Feel free to send a note or write in your child's planner if there is something that you need me to know, as I check planners daily.  

Web page - Check the web page regularly. Homework will be posted there EVERY DAY.  There is some great stuff there, including a link to print forms out that your children might have lost! 

Schedule a conference - We will be scheduling beginning of the year conferences soon. Every conference after that will be as needed. There does not have to be a problem to have a conference. Anytime you want to talk about your child just let me know and we can schedule a conference.



Your child may bring a healthy snack every day.  Please make sure the snack does not require in-class preparation and students are not allowed to share snacks due to allergies.  Also, students should bring a water bottle that does not leak (even when falling over) on a daily basis.  Non-disposable water bottles should only contain water.  Please no juice or flavor add-ins, as this can get messy.


I have two major responsibilities at work.  The first responsibility is to keep your child safe emotionally and physically.  The second responsibility is to make sure your child learns in a way that meets his/her needs. I look forward to building a relationship with you and your child to make this year a success! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.