Mrs. Puckett's Classroom Website

Bellwork is completed at the beginning of the period.  We discuss the correct answers together in class. I collect BW at the end of the week for a grade.

Vocabulary- The students learn a new word each day.  After 5 weeks of new words, they will take a quiz over the 20 words they have learned.  The quiz will be every 5 weeks.  It is a matching quiz.

Homework- I pass out all homework at the beginning of the week.  All Homework is due at the end of the week.  They can earn extra credit by turning in their homework early and/or getting each assignment signed by a parent/guardian.

Spelling- I hand out a new spelling worksheet every 2 weeks.  They have 2 weeks to complete the spelling sheet.  They have a Spelling test every 2 weeks.

Classwork(CW)- It is the work we complete in class.  Sometimes, if they don't finish in class, they can take it with them and complete it by Intervention or by the next day.  Most of the time, all classwork stays in their binders in the classroom to be completed later.


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Check the website regularly because the lessons might change due to early dismissals, snow days, and testing, etc.