Daily Snack

Daily Snack  

      We will be having an early lunch this year and I have a feeling that the kids will get hungry by the afternoon, so we are going to have an afternoon snack. The second grade team is asking that each parent bring a healthy snack for the class. I have assigned each family a snack day in a monthly rotation throughout the year.  

Snack Guidelines: 


ü     Snack is need for 24 people

ü     No drinks please

ü     Healthy is best (I have listed ideas at the bottom)

ü     Include napkins or plates if needed

ü     Our growling stomachs are depending on you, so please have your snack here the morning of your assigned day.

    If I find that a student is allergic to a particular food, I will let you know. This way everyone can be included and enjoy the same snack. 

Healthy snack ideas: Cheese cubes and crackers, veggies and dip, string cheese, crackers or chips, pudding, just about anything except for straight sugar. J 

Birthdays are always an exception. I have tried to put one of your snack days on your child’s birthday, or at least close to it. This way you can combine celebrating with your snack rotation. Please feel free to send in a sugary snack if you wish on that day and a drink if you like. After all, a birthday only comes once a year. Please do not feel that you have to celebrate your child’s birthday, this is up to you.