Meet Mrs. Murray

     Hi, My name is Stacey Murray.   Many of you know me as Ms. Mills.  I was married in May 2008 to a wonderful man named David.  I am originally from Morgantown, WV and I have lived here in Durham for 12 years.  We have three dogs: Champ, Dixie, and Chloe.  I enjoy spending time with my family, plants, decorating my house, getting a pedicure and playing with our three dogs.  David and I enjoy UNC Basketball, especially when they beat Duke :)  

     This is my thirtheenth year teaching. This is my fifth year at Club Boulevard.  I have taught eleven years in third grade and one year in second .  Every year has been exciting and memorable, as I have been lucky to teach such wonderful students.  Club Boulevard is a great place where I truly enjoy being around such enthusiastic students, staff, and parents. 

     In my classroom, I promote an atmosphere of safety, trust, and respect. I work hard to build a sense of community among my students, and I emphasize the idea of teamwork. I value cooperation and collaboration both in my classroom and as I work with my peers.  I believe that great things can happen when we work together!  Club Boulevard  is  a place where I really feel like part of a strong community and part of a winning team.

Mrs. Murray's Favorite Things:

Favorite Colors:  Ocean Colors (Blue, Aqua, Green)

Favorite Animal:  Dogs (Boxers)

Favorite Team:  UNC

Favorite Food:  Mexican and Italian

Favorite Snack:  Chex Mix and Reese Cups

Favorite Drink:   Lemonade (Sugar-Free) and Water

Favorite Season:  Fall and Winter

Favorite Store: Target and Lowes