When you research,

            DON'T BE A COPY CAT!!! ~meow


  • Take notes in your own words while you research-notefacts!
  • Notefacts are: short and sweet, only words or phrases, factual, and cited (you write where you got the info from)
  • Cite everything you find-information AND images!
  • Look up new words and their meaning, then write the word and definition (in your own words, don't copy cat the dictionary!) in your research glossary.

Citing a web page

      Author."Title." Site sponsor or Internet site, Date of posting or latest update. Medium. Date of access. <Electronic address or URL>.

example using my webpage:

      Nantz, Stacy. "Welcome." Educator pages, 16 September 2011. Web. 17 September 2011.<>.

Citing an image: 

        Description or title of image [Online image] Available http://address, Date.


      Northern Lights [Online image] Available, 16 September 2011.


1. Don't read every word on a website, just glance over the titles, headings, or words in the text. Look for words or images that have to due with your topic. Then start reading that section for information. This will help save you time.

2. Remember we are making a travel brochure, so try to write notefacts that are specific, true, fun, interesting, entertaining, or exciting! We don't want to bore our guests or give them wrong information!

3. There is a lot of bad, misleading, untrue information and images online. Make sure you stick to the websites I've posted or have a parent/guardian with you while you navigate the murky waters of the internet.


 Happy Sailing!