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Welcome to Mrs. Nilsen's Class!

Get ready for fun and exploration !

This week...  5/7-5/11

Kindergarten: Please wear art shirts on Monday... we will be having some ocean fun!

First grade: What do you know about birds??? Bring your bird facts this week!

Second grade: Let's vote on it... Come to class with a new school law in mind!


Coming Attractions....

Next week our Kindergarteners will continue  to learn about the ocean and all of it's wonderful creatures. Be on the look out for some creative ocean writing and projects!

First graders will finish their animal books with exploring insects. They have been working hard and are very proud authors of an animal kindom creation! We will wrap up our insect discussion with a book about the life cycle of a butterfly!

Second grade has been learning about government, so we have been learning loads of new vocabulary about our federal, state, and local governments.  Next week we will imagine ourselves as president of the United States!



ELL Parent night is May 23rd! Come join us for ice cream and fun. The ELL students will share some of their work from throughout the year.

Get 2 Months for $5!