Mrs. N.'s Math Homepage


This website is to organize everything in Integrated Math 1 and 2 for the 2020-21 school year. You will find everything you need on the links above.

I hope you enjoy this class! Whether you're a math lover or not, my goal is for you to find something about it that you like.

Remember, this is to be used in conjunction with ECHO.

When people tell me they don't like math, what they're telling me is, in a sense, that they've never done math.


What We'll Be Doing

Due to state mandate, as you know, we are doing distance learning at least until Los Angeles County can stay off the watchlist for two straight weeks. So here are the step-by-step instructions you'll need to follow every day that we have class.

On Face Time days:

  1. Login to ECHO and read that day's agenda for the class.
  2. Click the ZOOM link for that day's synchronous activities. This will often include a warm-up, a lesson with notes, an activity, and an exit ticket.
  3. Do the day's asynchronous activities on your own time, or stick around for iDEAL Time. This will often include a practice assignment. Submit it to ECHO as usual.

On Work Time days:

  1. Login to ECHO and read that day's agenda for the class.
  2. Do the independent activity. Feel free to contact me with any questions. You can also find Work Time activities on this website.
  3. You can complete the activity on your own or attend iDEAL Time.





Zoom: Click HERE

If you need any help getting any of your accounts set up, please contact Tech Support by clicking HERE.


You may be familiar with the 5C's of SCVi grading: Content, Communication, Character, Creativity, and Community. In this class we will only use the first three. Below is the breakdown of points.

Point Type Percentage of Grade Assignments
Content 50% Activities, Mini-Projects, Quizzes
Character 40% Practice, Activities, Mini-Projects
Communication 10% Notebook, Mini-Projects


Assignments and Activities

In this class we have several different types of assignments. You can read about them and their policies below.

  • Practice Assignments: These are your "traditional" worksheet-type assignments. Practice is key to math fluency. They are worth 2 character points each and are graded on completion, not accuracy. Late assignments will be given half credit. Incomplete assignments won't be accepted.
  • Activities and Mini-Projects: These are our more real-world application assignments. They are worth content and/or communication points and are graded on accuracy, as well as character points graded on timeliness. You are able to redo them at your option (regaining content and/or communication points, but not character points).
  • Notebook: When we have lessons, you'll need to take notes in a dedicated (math class only) notebook. I provide printed/printable notes and you will fill in the blanks during lessons. If you miss a lesson, copy it from a classmate. You'll need to turn in your notebooks at the end of each unit. It is worth communication points and is the bulk of these points.
  • Quizzes: These are worth content points (typically 5-10 each). They can be redone, but you'll need to use the Quiz Redo Form.
  • Extra Credit Option: Problem of the Week: These are worth extra credit character points. Every week I will post a new challenging problem. You may work in a small group or by yourself, and you'll need to show your work or thought process. Correct answers receive 2 bonus character points, and incorrect answers receive 1 bonus point as long as work is shown.