About Me


About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Theresa O'Brien

SCHOOL: St. Francis Xavier

CLASS: Grade 7

SCHOOL PHONE: 215-763-6564              EMAIL mrsobrien7@gmail.com


About the Teacher

      * Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Saint Joseph's University

     * Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Instructional II Teaching Certification

     * University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education Distributed Leadership Certification

     * 23rd year teaching the seventh grade at St. Francis Xavier.

Mission for the Class

    Through a Christ-centered environment and the establishment of classroom rules and regulations this seventh grade class will operate within a positive and nurturing atmosphere built on respect.                                   

    As your child's teacher, I will use a variety of teaching methods that will take into consideration the students' different learning capabilities and styles.  My major goal is to produce responsible, self-confident, active learners.

    To guarantee each student's academic success I have set high expectations for all seventh graders.  I will be emphasizing that the students are respectful, responsible and accountable at all times. The students are expected to participate actively each day and have homework assignments completed on schedule.