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Parents, what can you do for your child when they're suffering? It's hard to help your child cope with grief, when you yourself are experiencing it as well. Try using these strategies to help your child during this difficult time. 


  1. Monitor what their child is saying as well as what other children are saying to your child. This will keep the parent apprised of how well their child is coping. (Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition, n.d.)
  2. Keep everyone involved with their child apprised of the situation. By keeping everyone informed, everyone involved can help the child with their grief. (Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition, n.d.)
  3. Understand the stages of grief will help any parent be able to watch for signs to see how their child is working through them. While this is important for the teacher to understand, it is just as important for the parent to understand. That way, if a child is going through their anger phase, the parent can see that and keep a cool, calm demeanor to help the child work through it. Chances are, the child will blame the parent and the parent should not take offense to that, considering the stages of grief.

Please also visit the resources tab for some additional information and coping strategies!