Classroom Expectations

Your child will be expected to arrive to class on time every day.

They need to be dressed appropriately according to the school

dress code. I expect all students to turn in their work on time and

completed. We will work on raising our hands to speak, listening

quietly while others are speaking and being respectful of others

and the things around us. We have a green, yellow, red light

system in the classroom. The way the system works is every

morning each child starts on green. If they have to be asked or

warn about their behavior their card will be turned to yellow as

a warning to be "go for learning”. If their behavior gets better

their card will be turned back to green. If they continue to not

follow the rules their card will be turned to red which means they

need to "stop, think and act right". When they are “go for learning”

their card will be turned back to green. If your child stays on green

all week they will get a prize from the treasure chest at the ends of

the week. If you child ends the day on red I will send home a note

letting you know about your child’s day.