Art Magnet School Portfolio Help

Art Magnet School Portfolio 

Most of you are trying to apply to a magnet program in visual arts. In order for us to get your portfolio ready for the interview, we need to start creating as many pieces as possible. The magnets programs are asking for student’s to have a portfolio of ten pieces where the pieces have to be 12 X 18 or larger. The reality is that if you are trying to get into the magnet program your pieces have to be larger 12 X 18 and you have to use a variety of materials. You will also need a sketch book that is at least 8.5 X 11 or larger.  Because the art room is so low on materials, any thing you need to create the piece you will have to bring in with you. Some of the materials you should have are:

20 images you would like to paint

3 Canvas 16 X 20

A set of Acrylic paints

A set of NuPastels


Charcoal pencils

18 X 24 watercolor Pads

2 Printing paper 22 X 30

2 Linoleum Block 12 X 12

Portfolio 23 X 31 X 2

Sketch Book 8.5 X 11


I also need to see some samples of your art work, to see what level skill you have and to plan improvements in your art. Remember you are going to be competing against other school students that are already in magnet schools, so we need to make sure that what you submit is your best work so I am recommending that you create 20 different pieces of art works. Why? This way you can edit from the twenty pieces and submit your best ten pieces. I am going to start staying after school every Wednesday starting from October 21, 2009 from 3:50 pm to 5:50 pm, you can bring snacks because I know we will be there for a while and make sure to arrange transportation to get home. One thing I would recommend is for you to apply to different magnet schools, “Don’t put all your eggs in one Basket”, so make sure to apply to at least two different art magnet school. If your parents need any more information they can feel free to email me at