Artist Report

1.      Talk about the artist life.

·        Nationality

·        Schooling

 ·        Time period, Historic happenings.

2.      The Stylistic category of the artist 

 ·        how the work fits the stylistic category

·        how the work does not fit the category

·        how two works with the same type of content look totally different from each other, because of the style (for example, both paintings are still life’s, but they show different approaches to three-dimensionality, etc.)

3.      Choose one work that particularly engages you.

·        Include specific information about the work within the first few paragraphs of your essay analysis: title, artist, date, dimensions, medium of the work, and the name of the exhibition in which the work was displayed.

 ·        Introduce the reader to the work of art by writing a brief, overall description of it.

·        Discuss the Elements of Art and Principles of Design that you think are important in understanding and analyzing this work.

 ·        Discuss the medium the artist used and how the artist exploited the particular qualities of this medium. Always refer to the artist by her or his last name, not the first name.

 ·        Explain your personal response to the work based on its form as you analyzed it in the previous sections.

·        Include a rough sketch of the artwork. This must be your drawing, not a photograph.

4.   Presentation

·        Brief Explanation of artist life

·         Two paintings from the artist

·        Explain why or why not  you think the artist is important in Art History