Classroom Information

Classroom Expectations

  1. Be Respectful ~ use manners, be kind to one another, share and take turns
  2. Be Responsible ~ keep the classroom clean and tidy, give your best effort, follow instructions when asked
  3. Be Safe ~ use walking feet, keep our hands to ourselves, push our chairs in
  4. Digital Citizenship ~ respect yourself and others, respect copyright laws, protect information, be kind


We will be going over many different standards in each subject, but here are a list of main topics we will be covering this year. For a full list of state standards that we will be covering, please click here

  • Language Arts- introduce new sight words, build reading skills, develop writing skills
  • Math- addition/subtraction of numbers 1-20, count and write up to 1-100, begin to tell time, definitions of shapes 
  • Science- Make observations and hypothesize new experiments, topics ranging from the animals, the earth, matter and electricity
  • Social Studies- Study and understand maps, learn about important dates and events in history, understand the importance of community

Practices and Policies

Late work       Late work will be accepted. Multiple late or missing assignments will be addressed with a parent/teacher                                               conference. 

Tardiness       Students will be marked tardy. Excused tardiness requires a note from parents for a reason. Multiple                                                       unexcused tardiness will be addressed in parent/teacher conference. 

Homework    Students will be given homework packets on Monday to be taken home. The homework packet will have an                                           attached weekly chart with nightly homework assignments to check off. Students will need to complete the                                           packet and return on Friday. 

Grading          Homework will be graded over the weekend. When homework packets go out on Monday, graded work will                                           returned so that it can be reviewed with a parent. Parents will need to return the homework check-off                                                     list signed, achknowledging they have seen and reviewed the work. 

Extra Help     Students can remain after school for 30 minutes after the dismissal bell for extra help with any classwork or                                         homework assignments for further understanding. 

Report Cards    Report cards will be sent home quarterly with a letter sent home if a student in struggling intermittenly                                                 between grading periods. 

Rules, Consequences and Rewards


1) Hand to myself, my hands are for helping not hurting

2) Quiet mouth, I use a soft voice and kind words

3) Ears listening, I will listen to others when they are speaking

4) Do my best effort, I give my best effort in all that I do!


The first consequence would start with a warning, the second would be a short detention. For first grade, this detention may be time away from an activity with the class. The third would be communication home to the parent about the behavior and the fourth would be principal involvement and the student sent to the office.


Intrinsic rewards such as helping the teacher, student of the week, assisting the teacher in reading time.

Class rewards: extra time when doing centers, otter pops, classroom party


I will scheduling parent-teacher conferences twice per year to meet and discuss positives and goals your child is meeting and feedback on where improvements can be made. Parents can also request to meet outside of these two parent-teacher conferences to discuss any information regarding your child. This website will be updated weekly with classroom annoucements and events that will be taking place. Parents can also telephone or email me at any time.