Student Expectations


(Remember to follow the STARS)

Stay in your assigned area

Talk in a friendly voice

Always follow directions the first time given

Respect the property and business of others

Safety - keep your hands and feet to yourself

1-2-3 Magic & Behavior Slips

         At Hurlock Elementary School we practice the 1-2-3 Magic Discipline Program. Each time a student fails to follow the classroom rules and expectations, he or she will receive a count. Students receive a "1" warning for the first offense with a verbal warning, a "2" for their second and owe 15 minutes of recess, and a "3" for their third and owe all of their recess. If a student is counted to a "3" he or she will relocate to the Time Out area and an "X" will be recorded on the weekly behavior slip. Certain behaviors or offenses warrant an "Automatic X" as opposed to the typical 1-2-3 counting. These behaviors include, but are not limited to, talking in the hallway, not completing their homework assignments, and fighting. Behavior slips can be found in the students agenda for nightly review. Please initial them each night so that I know that a parent or guardian has viewed the slip. They will be collected on Fridays.  

         Unlike younger grade levels which may have allowed 5 X's per week, Third Grade's expectation is less than 3 X's in one week. If a student receives 0, 1, or 2 X's in a week he or she will participate in our Fun Friday activity. This activity may alternate between extra recess, crafts, special activity, treat, prize, etc. If a student receives 3 or more X's in a week he or she will spend the Fun Friday time in detention practicing math facts and/or recopying our grade level expectations.

        As an extra incentive for good behavior, Hurlock Elementary School rewards students practicing good behavior and citizenship with an end of the year trip. In order to be eligible for this trip, students must earn Gold Card each term. They do this by missing no more than 3 Fun Fridays each term, having all S's on their report card, and have no discipline referrals to the office. It is our class goal to have every student attend this special trip!

Learning Environment and Expectations

         Each and every day that our students come to school they are expected to be ready, willing and able to work up to the fullest extent of their ability. In keeping with this, students must have followed the morning routine activities (listed below) to ensure that they are ready to begin the day. Among these are turning in homework, sharpening pencils, using the restroom, and eating a good breakfast. 

         Once class has begun I expect all of the students' full attention on the subject matter and participation in the activity or lesson at all times. In addition, all students are expected to listen attentively and make eye contact with the speaker, whether it be the teacher or another student. If students have a question on the material or they do not understand something, the students are encouraged to ask questions. No question should be left unanswered. Remember, our goal is to LEARN.

         All morning work, classwork, and homework that I assign to students has a certain purpose. Otherwise, it would simply be a waste of time. I explain the reason for each assignment to students and expect that it be completed in its entirety. However, if your child continues having particular difficulty with a homework assignment, please simply write me a note in the agenda, and we will go over it the following day. Do not let homework become an unnecessary hardship at home. In addition, all work turned in to me must be in neat handwriting. If I can not read it, I will not grade it. Any illegible assignments will be returned to the student to do over during recess time.

     Manners are an important part of student expectations in the classroom. I expect students to use manners at all times, not only with me, but with other adults and their classmates.