Class List

Mrs. Peer's Class

Use this page if you need a complete list of students' names for holiday cards, special events, etc.

1. Brianna



4. Kristiana

5. Keit


7. Ronte'

8. Abigail

9. Madelyn

10. Bryan

11. Jordan

12. Octavius

13. Brandon Tallent

14. Kepler

15. Jose

16. Fritz

17. Alexx

18. Gregory

19. Brandon Mason

20. Frankie


Others who are special and important to us. . .

Mrs. Weber, 3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Eberspacher, 3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jones, 3rd Grade Teacher

Mr. Simmons, Mentor

Mrs. Douglas, Media Specialist

Mrs. Teat, principal

Mr. Stout, Assistant Principal

Miss McKeown, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Johnson, Reading intervention