Fun Friday Detention

Please copy the following paragraph. 


          I go to school to learn. It is important to get a good education. Because I like myself and care about other people, I do not want to cheat myself or others out of a safe and orderly place to learn while I am at Hurlock Elementary School. In order to do my best, I need to follow the classroom and school rules. When I break rules, I waste my time, other students' time, and the teacher's time. It is much better to show respect for myself, the other students, and the adult at Hurlock Elementary School by following the rules. Rules are an important part of life. As I grow older, I will have to follow many rules, just as adults do. I have been following rules since I was a small child, and I know it is better for everyone else when I do. I am a good person, and I want to do what is best for myself and others. I will follow the rules to show that I respect myself and others.