Fifth Grade News

Chapter 13 Study Guide

Lesson 4

Words to Know-vibration, matter, sound wave, compression, rarefaction

Ideas to Understand: 1. How is sound created?

2. How does sound travel through matter? Describe differences in the way sound travels through solids, liquids, and gases.

Lesson 5

Words to Know-pitch, frequency, hertz, volume, decibel

Ideas to Understand: 1. How can sound be changed?

2. How are pitch and volume different?

3. What are the steps involved in making a recording?

Lesson 6

Words to Know-reflection, absorption, echo, echolocation, Doppler effect, quality, fundamental frequency, overtone, resonance

Ideas to Understand: 1. What types of materials absorb sound? What types of materials reflect sound?

2. How does the speed of sound vary in different materials?

3. Why is fundamental frequency important?