Vocabulary Words

The following words will be tested on Tuesday, September 6.

Objective: determine the meaning of vocabulary words with affixes

The prefix mono- means one.

  1.  Monochrome-having one color; a painting, design, or outfit that is one color
  2. Monocle- an eyeglass for one eye
  3. Monolingual-speaking or writing only one language
  4. Monolith-one single stone monument
  5. Monologue-a long speech given by one person
  6. Monophobia-an abnormal fear of being the only one; fear of being alone
  7. Monopoly-control of a product or service by one company
  8. Monorail-a track for subway or train cars that only has one rail
  9. Monosyllabic-having only one syllable
  10. Monotone-a speech in which every word has one tone of voice