Important Information for 7th graders

7th Grade Language Arts


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Although there will be longer essays, research papers, and special projects assigned periodically through the year, homework will primarily consist of work not finished in class.  It is generally up to the student whether or not they use their class time wisely. 

Absent/Late Work

It is a student’s responsibility to obtain any missed assignments from class.  Students will have one day for each day absent to make-up any class work.  Plenty of time is given to complete work in class. Late work will not be accepted. It is critical that all assignments are done correctly and turned in on time! 


Students must have their own agenda with them every class period.  The agenda serves as a communication tool between teachers and parents and helps students keep track of upcoming assignments and projects.  A student will receive one Classroom Disruption Warning if the agenda is not brought to class.  Referrals will be issued to students who continue to come to class without an agenda.  Replacement agendas can be purchased for $10.00 in the office.

 Progress Reports

Progress reports go home every three weeks.  Failing students will be required to obtain a parent signature.

 Report Cards

Report cards will be issued approximately every nine weeks. Here are the issuance dates:

·      October 7 & 8 at Parent-Teacher conferences

·      January 7, 2011

·      March 10 & 11 at Parent-Teacher conferences

·      May 25 


·      #2 pencils preferred.  Mechanical pencils are fine if the student has extra lead if needed.  Mechanical pencils become a distraction when students don’t have any refills and have to look elsewhere for a replacement.

·      1 subject spiral notebook(70 sheets or more), wide or college rule.  


As stated in the agenda, students must be in their seats, ready to learn when the tardy bell rings.  Students who have an unexcused tardy receive the following consequence(s):

1st tardy-Classroom Disruption Warning signed by parent or legal guardian

2nd tardy- Classroom Disruption Warning signed by parent or legal guardian

3rd or more-Students will be given a referral with a scheduled ASD 

Grading PolicySee page 3 of student agenda.