What We Did This Week...Updated!


This week we...

September 20-September 24

*took five district assessments

*wrote a friendly letter

*identified genres of fiction

September 13-September 17

*spelled high frequency words correctly

*learned and practice 'poly' words

*took a 'poly' quiz

*analyzed the text from The Hunger Games

September 7-September 10

*analyzed plot from The Hunger Games

*write a literature response to a prompt

*identified author's purpose

*edited sentences for conventions

*used reading strategies to interpret text

*learned new vocabulary words for Pappa's Parrot

*used nouns and adjectives correctly

August 29-September 2

*Wrote a literature response from The Hunger Games

*determined the meaning of the prefix 'mono'

*spelled the homophones there, their, and they're correctly

*edited sentences for conventions(spelling, punctuation, and grammar)

*completed district assessments of point of view and context clues

*analyzed the plot from The Hunger Games

*wrote a story in the journals

smileyWrote a story in our journal

smileypracticed new vocabulary words

smileyused nouns correctly in a sentence

smileyused the reading strategy compare and contrast to interpret a folk tale(Sun and Moon in a Box)