General Homework Information

Homework Assignments

In room D104, homework is assigned daily on Mondays through Fridays.

All assignments for a particular week are written by your child in their Student Planners.

Read and Response Logs
Student of AsTumbo Elementary School are expected to read at home for a minimum of 20 minutes. Daily reading must be recorded on your child's Read and Response Log by parents.
Online Homework 
Parents are encouraged to assist their child with online assignments until they are more accustomed to navigate on their own.  Online assignments were generally comprise of students completing assignments such as online quizzes, typing exercises, Internet searches, as well as games and activities that promote the Guam Department of Education's Educational Technology Standards.
Questions About Homework
Parents are invited to email Mrs. Pestanas with homework questions, or write notes requesting homework clarification in their child's planner. 
Student Planners
Planners are used by all students who attend AsTumbo Elementary School.  Each morning, fourth graders prepare their planners for Signature Checks.  Students receive a stamp if their planners have parent signatures.  The signature section will be circled if there is no parent signature.  Students are responsible for writing their homework assignments throughout the day.  Homework assignments are written on the board for students to copy.  Homework Checks are also done throughout the day.  If an assignment is incomplete, then that particular section is circled AND marked with an "Inc."
Please review homework/notes/reminders written in the planner.  It is also important that you sign for that day as well.

Planners serve the following purposes:
1.  Parents write their questions and concerns for the teacher in their child's planner so the teacher may answer the following day. It is a convenient way for parents and the teacher to stay in touch.
2.  Teachers may also write notes or schedule meeting dates with the parents to address any questions the teacher may have.
3.  By checking homework written in the planner, parents monitor their children's understanding of current lessons and can provide help if needed.