Contributing to the Profession

Why you want me to be your child's teacherlaugh

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. "

Walt Disney

To be a good teacher I must learn who I am teaching, not just what I am teaching. By getting to know the students and their family I can understand them and how to best teach them. I will stay active in your child's life and be aware of who they are.

How do I do that? I use an app call, this app allows parents to communicate with me quickly and inform me of things going on, or ask questions. This app has helped to cut down on classroom drama, bullying, and over all social situation that will arise. The app allows me to clarify assignments or homework in a timely manner to help parents.

The second way I get to know my students is through a series of quick writes. Every day I ask the children a random question about themselves, something they like, something they dislike and we get to know each other. Once a week I do an emotional check in with the kids to see were they are feeling, ask what can I do to help. Many times me just simply listing is all they need is someone to care. 

The third way I try to get to know your child is by being active on my campus. I am the cheerleading coach here and encourage ALOT of school spirit and Leopard PRIDE. I am also the Coding coordinator for a coding robotics program where students get to use their STEM curriculum in a fun and exciting way that will also give them 21st century skills. I am apart of our Leopard PRIDE team that encourages positive behaviors with positive reinforcements. I too take PRIDE in all my students, the school and my classroom and hope that my positivitiy will wear off on them wink