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Dear Parents,


This has been a very busy week.  We are in full swing in all curriculum areas.  We have been working very hard this week on organization and managing our time.  Students are given opportunities in class to begin working on homework or class assignments that are not complete.  Students should not be spending hours on homework nightly.  If your child is spending a lot of time, please ask him/her about the extra time in class.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  We are working very hard to manage our time wisely, but are still learning.


ELA:    We have begun one of our novel studies.  Vocabulary development and spelling skills are based on the novels.


FRINDLE GROUP: We have been focusing on the skill of summarizing.   As we read a chapter, we summarize the events in our own words.  Frindle also gives us a great opportunity to practice character descriptions as there are vivid examples given with the novel.  So, we made our own character portraits.  Another skill we are developing is our dictionary skill. The dictionary is a focal point for one of our main characters. Within our novel, Nick becomes a hero.  We focused our writing this week around our hero or role model.  Students practiced writing descriptions of our hero or role model. 


MANIAC MAGEE GROUP: Jeffrey Magee becomes a legend in this novel.  Students began discussing the meaning of a legend.  Students were introduced to many vocabulary words and we played matching games.  As with the other novel, we are focusing on summarizing each chapter and character descriptions.  This group had less details for their character portraits and had to be a little creative with their portraits.  As the novel develops, we will check our portraits predictions.  The main focus of this group was realistic elements.  Students used the novel to contrast realistic and unrealistic elements.


MATH:  The focus this week is on money skills.  We worked on finding the value of different denominations of American money and comparing the amounts give numbers and descriptions.  Also, we learned two ways to make change:  counting up and subtracting.  Students may use the way they find the easiest.


SCIENCE:  We are still continuing our unit on Structures of Life.  This week, we learned about how plants reproduce.  Students examined flowering plants in class and identified the reproductive plant parts.  In our notes, we have a diagram with the parts labeled. 


SOCIAL STUDIES:  We incorporated our map skills with our unit on ancient civilizations.  We became kid cartographers and mapped the JAIS campus.  Also, we learned how ancient maps are different from maps today.  How do we know that people lived here in the past?  The students discovered archeology.  We started an ancient civilization timeline that we will cover this year. Next week, the fun really begins with our oldest civilization.


I am sending home a sheet regarding parent conferences. Please note that next week is MAP testing.   NO SCHOOL Friday, Sept 26---Parent conferences.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Putnam