Back to School Info.

Back to School Information

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our Back to School evening.  It was so very nice to meet all of you.  In case you were unable to attend, below you will find most of the information that was discussed.  Please read through it, and feel free to send me an e-mail should you have any questions.  Thanks!

 Classroom Expectations

I am very pleased to have your child in my class this year.  I try very hard to present a positive, nurturing environment.  In order to guarantee your child and all the students in our classroom the excellent educational climate they deserve, I feel it is important to have clearly stated classroom standards and expectations.  

Classroom Standards:                                  

We will work quietly, so as to not disturb others.                                 

We will listen carefully when others are talking.                                   

We will respect our teacher and other adults.                                   

We will be prepared to learn and work in class each day.                                   

We will always do our best. 


All students begin each day with their name stick in the green cup.  Students who make consistent positive choices will be positively rewarded:  

Praise            Extra center time                  Positive notes home             Reading Rainbow

Table points    Incentives/ tickets                Friday Fun                          Privileges 


Prize Drawing: Students may earn  tickets each week for: passing timed tests, returning homework, passing the spelling test, table points,  monitors, good behavior, etc.  Each Friday, a drawing will be held with the earned tickets for students to win prizes. Donations for our prize box will be greatly appreciated. 

"Uh - Ohs":

First reminder/redirection = Warning; no loss of privileges                                               

1st consequence:  Yellow  = 5 minutes loss of Friday Fun                                                    

2nd consequence: Red  = 10 minutes loss of Friday Fun  and a note to parents to be signed and returned to school.                                               

3rd consequence:  Black = 15 minutes loss of Friday Fun,  and  sent to the  office  followed up with  parent phone conference to  discuss solutions.                                              

4th consequence:  Sent to the Principal and a Parent-Teacher conference at school to determine plan of action.                                   


Students will lose time during  “Friday Fun” for; each time they  move their name card on the behavior chart , have problems on the playground, excessive bathroom passes during class time, excessive warnings,  etc.

Notes / Calls Home:  A behavior note will be sent home if a child is in the red  or black  or has had a problem that requires immediate  action.                                           

Parent – Teacher School Conference:  If a situation becomes severe, then a conference will be scheduled.  Parent(s) will need to attend this in  person so as to determine a plan of action to help the student  regain positive decision making. 

Tickets:    Tickets will not be earned. 

Reading Rainbow:   Students will lose the privilege of viewing the Friday video in order to make up any/all incomplete classwork, or for homework that is   not completed or returned. 

It is in your child’s best interest that we work together with regard to his/her schooling.  I will keep you informed about your child’s progress in our class. Please note that I firmly believe that children need to take responsibility for their actions.  In doing so, they gain a sense of self-worth and pride.  If your child should move his/her name into a colored cup, please ask your child why they were told to do so.  He/she will know why, and what he/she did.  Only accept a reasonable response, not just, “I don’t know.”  I will keep a log in my grade book each time a stick is moved, but I will only keep track of the reasons why for “severe” or “excessive” offenses.   I have already discussed this plan with your child, but would appreciate it if you would review it with him/her.  By working together, we can make great things happen!  :  )                                                      

                                              Character Counts!


Homework Policy

 In second grade, homework is assigned to reinforce skills and lessons taught in class.  It is not intended to challenge your child.  If your child struggles greatly with an assignment, please write a short note to me on the assignment.  This is an indication that additional instruction or modification is needed.  An average second grade student should spend about 20 minutes to complete their assignments, and spend an additional 20 minutes per day reading or being read to. This reading will help strengthen his or her reading skills.                  

 It is my philosophy that one of the biggest lessons to be learned from homework is responsibility.  Therefore, it is expected that homework be completed neatly, is organized, and returned on time.  Late homework will be accepted, however, it will be noted as such and will be reflected on report cards.  Homework will not be returned unless it needs to be redone due to errors, lack of completion, or lack of neatness.      

Daily Homework Folders:

Homework will be assigned daily and sent home in a Homework Folder.  Math and Reading are due the next day, unless otherwise stated, and Spelling needs to be returned on Friday. 

School notices may be placed in the folder.  Please be sure to empty the folder of all notices and return the homework in the provided folder the next day to receive credit.  

Spelling:  Spelling Lists will be sent home on Mondays.  These will contain the spelling words and activities for the week.  Please have your child return the assignment sheets on Fridays in their homework folders. Spelling tests will be given on Fridays.  Additional bonus words will be given each week for those students who wish to challenge themselves.  There are no makeup tests for a student who is absent.  

Really Remarkable Readers:  Reading assignments will be sent home usually every night.  Please read with your child and write the title of the book/story in the yellow box of your child's student planner.  All reading materials must be returned the next day. 

Tuesday Folder:  Each week your child will come home with a Tuesday Folder that contains completed and corrected work.  This will help you to keep abreast of current academics, and your child’s work/ study skills.  It will also contain the school’s weekly bulletin and other notices. 

RED ALERT Folder:  Please check to see if your child’s RED ALERT folder has been sent home.  This folder contains papers that require your immediate attention.  Items may include behavior notices, incomplete work, or tests.  Tests will be sent home and require your signature.  This is to verify that you have seen your child’s results and should give you an idea about his/her accomplishments and/or weaknesses. In addition to weekly homework, special projects will be assigned throughout the year.             


Language Arts:

Poetry Party :  The Poetry Party is held once each month.  It is a  time  when children will recite poetry to the class.            

Book Reports / Oral Presentations:  Special projects will be assigned as homework.     The children will be critiqued on their oral language    skills            

Written Work:  Many different types of writing assignments will be completed in the classroom. (biographies, realistic fiction, informative, imaginative)                                                           

Pen Pal Letters:  Letters will be written in class each month.   

Other Fun Things:               

Writing Journals          Mountain Language          Reading Rainbow   Listening Center        Computers

Social Studies Themes:   

Character and Citizenship    

 Regional Geography

Famous Americans                                                  

Traditions Around the World       

 Ancestors and Relatives   

 People Who Supply Our Needs

Science Topics:                                                                            

 Rocks and Minerals                                                        


Living Things                                                                     

Matter and Motion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


We will implement the newly adopted Mathematics program published by Macmillan McGraw-Hill.   

 Math Timed Tests:  A three minute timed test will be given two to three times each week.  This is a way to help your child learn addition and subtraction facts  to 18.  As a student passes one test he goes on to the next level.  

 Other Fun Things: 

Mountain Math            Math Journals             Guessing Jar            Miscellaneous Math Activities and Games      Computers                

Art and Music: 

   Meet the Artist:  Your child will be introduced to many famous artists.    We will study the artist’s life, works of art,  country  of  origin, and make a rendition of a masterpiece.            

Art in Action: The children will be exposed to the basic fundamentals of art.                       

Music Masters:  We will discover the lives and musical pieces of the world’s   greatest composers.              

Music:  Exposure to musical instruments, rhythm, and the value of musical   notes as well as singing fun songs for enjoyment. 


Generally, grading is based on work effort as follows;

P          outstanding work - truly exceeds expectations.

Smile         very good work - shows pride in work effort.       

4          satisfactory work - assignment is completed. 

INC       incomplete work or work done below expectations


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at: