Mrs Ransom's 3rd Grade Class

Welcome parents, guardians and guests.

I will make every attempt possible to update our webpage and provide you with updates. 

Here are a
few tips to help your child survive and thrive in 3rd.

1. Read! Read! Read!

Read for pleasure ( any books that they like). Read out loud for fluency. Have someone to time them for one minute. These can be the decodable book from school. When they read have them to record the number of words read and the book title on a sheet. When they can easily read the whole book timed or not timed go on to the next book always trying to read more words each time.
Read books for comprehension. These can be any books. Someone asks question that can be answered from the information in the books. Have them to find the page of the information and to rephrase the answers using complete sentences. Allow them to form their own question from the information of the stories.

2. Practice penmanship and paragraph writing (this can be a pretend or real letter to a relative or friend telling about something they are doing or have done during the day).

3. Practice math skills.

Time tables will be important next year. If they are having problems with mental addition and subtraction facts, practice to memorize.

Reading problems are very important so they should be read at least a couple of times for comprehension and do each step in a multiple step problem.Then it is important to read the problem again to be sure that they did the proper steps to answer the question.

4. To relax, Educational TV is great entertainment while it helps to review skills.