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The Defenders


The Defenders by Ann McGovern is the story of Chiefs Osceola, Tecumseh and Cochise.  We have read in class about the lives and battles of these great indian warriors.  Now you will use your knowledge to determine which of these chiefs is "The Greatest Native American Indian Chief."


1.  Choose a partner.  **Please pick someone you will be able to work well with and equally share responsibilities.**

2. Research all three chiefs using the internet links provided in this web page and The Defenders by Ann McGovern.

3.  With your partner, choose one chief which you both agree was "The Greatest Native American Indian Chief."

4.  Using your information gathered from the website and The Defenders you and your partner will write a persuasive paper which will convince the class why the chief you chose was "The Greatest Native American Indian Chief." 

5.  Read and present your paper to the class.


 We will discuss as a class the qualities that make a great leader.  Through research you will then determine with your partner which Chief you both think was "The Greatest." 

 After researching your Chief you and your partner will begin to write in list form the times, dates, actions, or personal qualities which show how "your" chief was a great leader.  You will need to support your opinion with actual facts taken from the links provided on this web page and also in the book The Defenders

****Everytime you use the exact words taken form the internet or book you will need to use quotation marks and write where you got your information.

After you and your partner have compiled all of the information you think shows why "your" chief was the greatest, you will then write a persuasive paper which will convince the class why the chief you and your partner chose was "The Greatest Native American Indian Chief."

Your papers must be:

Neatly written in cursive or typed (double spaced).

At least five paragraphs long.

Have an Introduction and Closing Paragraph.

Contain at least three internet or book direct quotations.

We will have computer lab time, as well as class time to work on this paper.  You and your partner will be allowed to conference and write during writing workshop.


An "A" paper will be written neatly or typed (double spaced),  be cleary written and easy to understand.  It will be persuasive and convincing.



Chief Osceola                            Tecumseh                            Cochise

          Chief Osceola                                                Chief Tecumseh                                                 Chief Cochise







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