12 New School Year Resolutions

School supplies12 New School Year Resolutions!

Make Morning a Breeze                                                 Keep Kids' Schedules Manageable

*Use a checklist to remember everything and stay on time                         *Do one sport or extracurricular activity per season/semester

*Make sure everyone eats a healty breakfast                                         *Block out family downtime on your calendar

Pack Healthy, "Green" lunches                                       Communicate with the Teacher

*Inckude lots of fruits and veggies                                                                        *Introduce yourself to teachers early on

*use reusable bags abd containers                                                                        *Go to parent/teacher conferences prepared

Encourage Kids Indepandence                                       Fit in Physical Activity

* Don't do everything yourself, Mom!!                                                                *Encourage outdoor games and play

* Assign self-care tasks and chores to kids                                                           *Parents, this means you too!!

Help at Your Child's School                                              Make Time for Family Dinners

* Help with one or two fundraiser events                                                          *Recharge with regular family dinners

*Don't over commit if you do not have the time                                             *Prepare easy make-ahead meals to reheat

Stick with an After-school Routine                               Establish Screen-Time limits

*include snack-time, playtime, and homework time                                   *Set firm time limits on TV, video games, tablets and phones

*Make sure kids have everything they'll need to do thier homework     *Keep tabs on kids' internet use and safety ( see websites for safe sites)

Make Homework Time Painless                                     *encourage kids to play educational games

*Provide a good workspace and nessesary materials                                   Be Firm About a Bedtime Routine

*Keep kids away from distractions, such as TV and cell phones                 *Find out how many hours of sleep your child needs         

*Review Kid's assignments after they have finished.                                       (8.5-11 hours)

*DO NOT sit next to them and help them with every problem.                *Use a consistaqnt bed time routine

Let them try to do as much as they can on thier own.                                 * Stick with a firm "lights out" time-no excuses!!

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