Snack List / Cool Lunch Ideas


Snack List

We will have snack during the school day. Your child needs to bring a healthy snack to enjoy at this time. I have listed snacks they are allowed to bring. They may also bring a drink for snack time. During the school day they may have a bottle of water that they can refill all day.

Please keep it small. We have about 10 minutes for snack.

any fruit                   small sandwhich                   granola bars                                          small bag of chips

veggies                    crackers                              cheerios or other healthy cereals          Gram crackers

yogurt                      cheese stick                        small bag of cookies                                 etc.......

Cool Lunch/snack ideas

Just click on the link below to see these great tips and ideas

                          Would be great for picky them some choice in putting together their school lunch. #BabyCenterBlog 

Great idea for my picky eater! Still have to do this for my older kid.     pepperoni crescent rolls   butterfly snacks  Mummy Hot Dogs