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School Links:

        See what they are having for lunch, prepay on your child's account, view the district handbook and more....

         Northside Elementary School home page


Other educational websites:  (cool kid crafts)           A safe search engine for students        A reading comprehension incentive site. Take tests here before you take an AR test to see if you are ready. Earn points and win prizes.         Where celebraties read books for your children to listen to. It also has activities to go with the story.    Practice your math skills and feed the hungry!!!   Make your own comic strips Math practice Create cool pictures with your words   poetry and much much more brain teasers and games brain teasers, puzzles and games


SCHOLASTIC:       Interactive games  Character scrapbook Listen and read online books video book talks Underground railroad immigration winter holidays Dear America Writing with Writers story starters The First Thanksgiving Science Exploration studyjams Study Jams Write it



Sock Puppets- have them record their favorite parts of a story or have the puppets teach a concepts in science or math. Also a great review for vocabulary.  

3M Cloud Lirary- Use your library card to borrow ebooks to read online from the public library!!!!

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Whats the phrase-Figure out fun word puzzles