Wish List

Wish List for the Classroom!!

Every little bit helps!

Thank you!

Fundraising:  Box Tops for education and Farm Fresh Receipts

Class projects that need funded:  http://www.donorschoose.org/mrenaldi2010    

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Arts and Crafts supplies:       playdo, twist  crayons,Construction paper, scrapbook paper,paper cut outs, scissors, drawing paper, googly eyes, card stock paper, glue sticks, tissue paper, yarn, ribbon, glitter, color pencils, 3D foam/sticker crafts, legos, pipe cleaners, beans, food coloring, sequins,popcicle sticks, baby food jars, toilet paper and paper towel roles.etc. ( You would be surprised at what I can make out of random stuff...lol)


Games:   Mastermind                                    ManchalaMANCALA GAME   Battleship     Connect Four

  Phase Ten         Uno                           Skip bo                                       Old Maid      

Students needs:  Pencils, copy paper,sticky notes, index cards, large erasers, stickers, white out,folders, notebooks, etc.

Incentives for students:   McDonald's toys, bubbles, games, puzzles, decorative pencils, candy, bracelets, toy cars, bouncy balls, play doe, lightly used stuffed animals, etc. (DOLLAR TREE)