Open Ended Responses of the Week



The winners of our Persuasive Letter Writing goes to...


1st Place- - Jada Ca.

    Dear Mayor,

     Don't you ever get hot in the summer? Sweat trickles down your face in need of coolness?  It's time for a community pool!  It's so relaxing that you could be there all day.  You can jump on the diving board and make a big splash into the water.  You can even go get your favorite snacks that are priced from back in the old days.  Don't we need a hot spot?

     To begin with, community pools are so soothing.  You can even build/construct a hot tub.  Just press the button and BOOM, bubbles galore.  You might even make a giant hot tub so everyone can be happy.  Don't you want all the people in town to stay?  They might leave if you don't make a community pool.

     Furthermore, every community pool needs a diving board!  What pool doesn't have one?  The diving board makes it the most eccentric, it's kind of like how someone could say "It's the peanut butter to my jelly."  Well this is the diving board to my pool.  If there's no diving board on a pool it's just a plain boring pool.   Diving boards are also super fun.

     In addition to diving boards, there has to be a snack truck.  Think about it, all the things you can get and eat for a low price from when you were a kid.  Choco Taco's, cheddar fries, and even more!  It will finally make you feel young again.  No more talking to your secretary about how you feel old.

     In conclusion, community pools are relaxing, they should always have diving boards,  and you can even get your favorite snaks from back in the day.  Don't you think it's about time for a pool?


Jada Ca.

2nd Place Erika V.

Dear Mayor,

      Have you ever had a day when you just wanted to be yourself with no responsibilities?  Well if you have, a rec center is just what you need!  In the rec center you can relax by doing a couple of sports, a couple of activities and joining clubs.  A rec center is just what this town needs.

     To begin with, a rec center is just what the kids need.  They need to have sports in their lives.  For example, some peopl cannot afford to buy these things.  The rec center will give kids an opportunity to express their talents.  My other example is it will show kids a good example.  It will show kids that you really care about them.

     In addition, it will relax kids by doing a couple of activities.  Kids could have stress from school and an activity is just what they need.  An activity will also help kids use their imagination and stay away from the TV sets.  You can help change that.

     Finally, a rec center has clubs.  Some schools like E. G.C. do not have any clubs for kids, so they cannot enjoy themselves.  It will give them a chance to show their natural talents.  Also, some kids do not always have friends.  The rec center will give them a chance to make some.  It will boost their self confidence.

     In conclusion, we should have a rec center.  A, we can play sports. B, we can relax with activities. C, a rec center has clubs.  You have to build a rec center.  Come on and take action.  The kids need you to make the right choice.  They count on you.  You have the power!


Erick V.

3rd Place Tatiana T.

Dear Mr. Mayor,

     Are you tired of being bored, so are the kids.  Well, that can change!  If only we could build a rec center.  I think it's a wonderful idea.  It's good because it provides exercise for your children.  Also, the parents can have lesuire time while the kids are having fun.  Lastly, if your child is struggling with something in school, that can all change.

     To begin, you child probably doesn't get half the exercise in school that they need.  They're spending half their time sitting down.  Their legs are doing nothing.  But if we build a recreation center, they'll get all the eercise they need.  We'll have basketball, tennis, dance and any other sport you can thik of.  Also, the recreation center will provide healthy lunch choices.  Lastly, we'll teach wonder sportmanship.

     In addition, you , Mr. Mayor can have leisure time.  Maybe your're tired of your children constantly telling you that they're bored.  However, if we have a recreation center, you'll never hear the word boared ever again.  There's so much to do at the recreation center.  ALways a way to have fun.  You relax,a nd your chlid will be having the time of their lives!

     Lastly, the recreation center is mainly about learning but in a fun way.  In the recreation center we eill have homework club, math club, writing club and anything you can think of.  Your children will never struggle in any subject again.

     In conclusion, building a community recreation center seems likea a good plan.  There are so many reasons why we should have one.  Please think this over Mr. Mayor.