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                        The Rhoads Report                     

January 14, 2022


Reading- This week, we read a poetry collection, learned about the elements of poetry, and learned about long e words.  Next week, we will read The Cow and the Tiger, learn about fables, and learn about the sounds of y.  Please continue to read each day with your child at home.  


Math- We had our math meeting every day where we learned about the calendar, weather, and counting.  In our math lessons, we learned about adding two-digit numbers and took the unit 5 test.


Writing- This week we read The Mitten and learned how the author used the six traits in their writing.  We then practiced using the traits in our writing during writing workshop.

Just a few reminders…

  • The January Homework Menu will be due on February 1st.

  • The spelling list for next week is attached.

  • There will not be school on Monday, January 17th.

  • My website with important information can be found at

  • Have a great weekend!