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  February 5, 2008

 Conferences are this week.  If you cannot attend your scheduled time please call and let me know so we can reschedule, even if it needs to be over the telephone.

 Our Pretzel Sale has been a great learning experience, for all of us.  We worked very hard as a team and I think everyone enjoyed it.  Thank you for all the donations! We should make just over $200 when all pretzels are gone. The cost of our field trip will be offset from the proceeds of the Pretzel Sale that ends today. A very special thank you to Mrs. Gallup who spent the entire day with us, making dipped pretzels, selling and cleaning up after. And many thanks to Mrs. Schneider for helping us all afternoon. 

 A note will go home this week about our field trip on. We will go to Ann Arbor for a play and then tour the Big House (U of M stadium) and facilities. All parent volunteers are welcome.

Our Valentine’s Party will actually be a breakfast. I t will be on February 14th and start at 9:45, right after gym. The afternoon will be our regular class schedule of academics.  We will need donations of food and drink, etc.  Please let me know at our conference what you can send in. For cards, we have 22 students in our class. On the back of this newsletter is a list of names.  

A new BOOK-IT month began this weekend so a new calendar went home on Monday. They are due back, signed on Monday, May 3rd.

Math-We are trying (snow days) to finish patterns and will start the concepts of multiplication next week.  This is an important time because students will have to master all the facts thru 10x10. You can start now by having them use flashcards to master their x2, x5, x9, and doubles facts. I will be testing students individually in a timed test that shows they know them.   

Spelling- Unit 17 test will be this Friday, February 9th. Class work on the unit was delayed due to snow days. Students need to study their words at home. See our website for tips on how to study.  

Reading- We will begin our Incredible Stories unit next week. Students will learn how to evaluate a story for realism.  Just because there is a photo of a dog it doesn’t mean that what was read could be true. We will continue to have daily AR time. Students have an AR goal of passing quizzes at their level. Some are starting chapter books and nonfiction text.  That is a different kind of reading than picture books and takes some practice. There will be a reward for those who meet their goal. Students reading at grade level will be  be reading at a 3.5 level or higher. Nightly fluency homework will continue.

Writing- Students will continue to write to answer a question, using examples from texts to support our answer. We will also be writing personal narratives based on a theme. Using the writing process, editing/revising will also be a focus.   

Science-A study guide went home on Monday for the test on Wednesday. This will be their first test with no help. Students need to study at home using their notes, book and what they learned in class. Next we will begin our unit on heat and light energy.

Social studies-We will continue studying the Core Democratic Values and begin a research unit on the fifty states.

Computer lab- We will continue with the Type To Learn program and practice our math skills on websites.  We will finish our current webquest on modern day inventions, like the dishwasher, microwave oven, etc. by creating a Power Point slide show about the impact of the inventions on society and our everyday lives.                              

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