Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

We have a school-wide behavior program that encourages positive behavior and re-directs less desirable behaviors. 

The program is outlined in detail in the Student Handbook.

Our Classroom Rules:

1. Students will show respect for others and their property.

2. Students will listen and follow directions the first time they are given.

3. Students will talk at appropriate times and in appropriate levels.

4. Students will walk quietly and directly to their destinations.

5. Students will stay on task.


Stickers, certificates, treasure box gifts, sweet treats, class parties, special privileges, happy-notes home and lots of hugs!


Students may have their name taken on the Clipboard no more than 3 times in one week. 3 times or more, students will loose "Fun Friday". This may includes but not limited to outside play, free choice time or movie on Friday of every week.

1st  offense
Warning (name taken on the clipboard)
2nd offense Time-Out (5min)
3rd offense
 Time-Out (loss of priviledge)
4th offense

Time-Out (10min)
5th offense

Notify parent w/note home
6th offense

Office Referral

Each day your child will bring home a Homework Sheet that includes his/her daily behavior. Review it with your child, sign it and please return to school in your child's homework folder.