Mrs. Robinson's Class

Hello!  Welcome to 8th Grade.

8th grade will be a very exciting year.  This year you will face many new challenges as individuals and as learners.  It is a very important year because as you start it, you will be faced with the decision of where to attend high school.  For many of you, this will be the first time you will really have to decide about your academic futures. While this may seem daunting and scary but it does not have to be; try to think of this as an exciting time which you should treasure.

As 8th graders, you are now the leaders of the school.  You are expected to be role models for the younger grades.  This year you will develop into strong, independent young adults and that will help to ease your transition into high school.  Let's get this year started with the pledge to have fun, work hard, and become the best that we can be!

Mrs. Robinson