Classroom Policies

My classroom is one of mutual respect.  I have respect for all of my students, and I expect my students to have respect for themselves, eachother, and myself.   My classroom is a place where I want my students to feel safe, to be able to speak their minds and ask questions.  In order to maintain this atmosphere of mutual respect, I have developed this classroom-wide discipline policy.


 My classroom discipline policy has been based on the school-wide discipline policy.  Just so there is no confusion, I am clearly defining the system that will be used in my classroom for the duration of the year.  It is as follows:


 Students will receive a check (or multiple checks) when they disrupt learning or violate school rules.  The number of checks received varies with the severity of the infraction.


Talking after warnings:  1 check

Failure to return any requested signature: 1 check

Out of seat without permission:  1 check

Chewing gum: 3 checks

Using profane language: 3 checks

Inappropriate conduct at Mass: 3 checks

Copying homework: 3 checks

Copying tests or plagiarism: 4 checks


Three checks will result in a demerit.  Six checks in one week will result in a half-hour after school detention.  Eight checks will result in a one hour detention.  10 checks will result in a conduct referral and parent/student/teacher/principal conference.

By using this system of checks, demerits, detentions, and conduct referrals, I believe that my expectations are very fair and clear.  


Detention slips will be attached to the behavior rubric which is sent home in the Wednesday communication envelopes.  Slips must be signed and returned the following day.  If the detention slip is not returned the following day, parents will receive a phone call home.  At this time, detention time will be doubled.  If a student does not serve their detention, a conduct referral will be issued and a parent/student/teacher/principal conference will be scheduled.