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Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations 

Class Motto: As a class we seek to be a place of lots of opportunity. We pledge education excellence at home and school; where love and respect is the golden rule.

Attendance: Please make sure your child is present and on time. If your child is late, please be sure to get a tardy slip from the office before walking your child to class. All absences must be reported to the main office. Excused absences must be in writing; otherwise it will be marked as an unexcused absence.

Behavior: I have very high expectations when it comes to behavior. I realize that we’re all entitled to a bad day; however, I expect every child in my classroom to show respect for themselves, as well as, others at all times. I will keep a daily communication folder to help monitor behavior. Through this communication log, we can exchange comments and concerns about any behavioral or academic concerns that may arise. The folder is to be signed and returned daily.

Homework: In conjunction with behavior, I also have very high and reasonable academic expectations. Homework will be given daily unless noted otherwise. On your child’s behavior log there will be a notation made about homework. Each student will also be given an agenda book to write out all homework assignments. All assignments are to be returned on the due date. Please inform me of any situations or circumstances that may prevent your child from completing their assignment(s) on time. This is to be documented in written form. Each child is allowed 5 homework excuses for the year. Homework serves as additional practice for all strategies and concepts taught in the classroom. So please be sure to assist your child, but allow them to do the work.

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