Elementary School Teaching Experience

I have had the good fortune of working at four different elementary schools. Here is a list of  schools where I have taught:

  • San Jose Street Elementary School (Los Angeles Unified School District) - August 2007-June 2009 
  I left San Jose (on excellent terms) because I received one of 2000 Reduction in Force notices issued by LAUSD.
  • CHIME Charter School - August 2002-June 2007

  I left CHIME (on excellent terms) to return to LAUSD. I wanted,once again, to contribute to the State Teachers' Retirement Fund. 

  I also became a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards candidate and I wanted to take advantage of the support

          network and salary compensation offered by LAUSD. 

  •  Vaughn Learning Center (Los Angeles Unified School District) - August 1993-June 1996

    I left Vaughn and full-time teaching (on excellent terms) to stay at home and raise my son and daughter. 

  • Sharp Avenue School  (Los Angeles Unified School District) - September 1987-June 1993
I left Sharp after my colleague Aixa Carbonell became Vaughn's Director of Instruction and asked me to join their faculty.