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May 19, 2010

Dear Parents,

The children are counting down the days until summer vacation and I think that everyone at Forest Park is ready for a break.  I remember the wonderful lazy summer days spent with my boys.  Not having to worry about homework, baths, early bedtimes, and the other rigors of school makes life so much easier.  As we draw ever closer to our last day together as a class, I hope that you are anticipating the extra time for family and are already make plans to fill this time.  In room 15, we will make the most of the days we have left with just the right mix of classroom learning and special school events.  Included in these events are the year end reading celebration, field day, the awards ceremony, and the yearbook signing event.  With all of this, the countdown will pass quickly.

I must tell you how proud I was of the students both at DARE graduation and our tour or NMS.  We received several compliments on the children's behavior at DARE graduation and from the middle school staff.  Some even commented that this was the best DARE graduation we have had regarding student behavior.  I thank all of the parents for attending and making the graduation such a special event.  Congratulations to Andi Jordan for being our class representative and for writing the winning overall essay.  She will represent Forest Park at the O'Fallon Board of Aldermen's meeting on June 10.  Congratulations also to Nick Rogers, who was our class runner up in the essay contest. 

I sent home a flier with interested students advertising the Friends of the Library sale held this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the St. Charles Convention Center.  This is a terrific sale for both children and adults.  There are lots of fiction and nonfiction books for all ages.  Prices are unbelievable.  If you are buying books for a classroom or other bulk situation, bring a rolling suitcase or cart.

FINALLY --  I will not accept late work after Monday, May 24.  It is your child's responsibility to find out what he or she is missing and get it turned in.  Most late assignments are listed on the board.  I am moving away from providing detailed homework alerts to children with late work as by now, they should have mastered this organizational skill in preparation for middle school.  Please remind your child to check on what is missing, review the assignment with me if they have questions, and complete the work over the weekend to receive credit.  Late work is strictly penalized in middle school and I want the students prepared for this change.

We are Learning About....

Reading -- We are reviewing skills in a variety of ways, including interactive read aloud, reader's workshop, nonfiction reading of science related materials, and skills work.

Language -- We are writing a first person journal entry as a piece of food traveling through the digestive system.  It is the perfect blend of creative writing and informational writing.

Science -- We are moving quickly through body systems.  Don't forget that the Weather Invention is due on Friday, May 21.  Also, if your student hasn't turned in their informational weather windsock, it is overdue and it is a test grade!

Spelling -- This week, we are working with CVC pattern words.  Next week we will wrap up our spelling with multi-syllable words.

Math -- We are reviewing key math concepts.  We have reviewed multiplication, including algorithms, clusters, and lattice multiplication.  We reviewed long division and decimals. We are now getting ready to review algebra concepts and converting measurement to add and subtract units of measurement.

 Mrs. Roth