Long Term Assignments

Wink Looking Ahead at Long Term Assignments

*Please be advised that this website is a service provided by Mrs. Ryan. All assignments and dates are subject to change. There may be times when assignments and dates will  be changed in class and will not be updated immediately on this site.


S e p t e m b e r

 15th- Current Events due

16th- First scripture memory test

28th- ELA Chapter 1 Exam

29th- Social Studies Chapter 1 Exam

30th- Math Chapter 1 Exam

O c t o b e r

 6th- Current Events due

11th- Mayor Essay due (Final Copy, 250 words, typed)

13th- Science Chapter 1 Exam

18th- Math Chapter 2 Exam

19th- Social Studies Chapter 2 Exam

20th- Current Events due

27th- Spider Project Due (Science)

28th- ELA Chapter 3 Exam

N o v e m b e r

1st- Science Chapter 2 Exam

3rd- Current Events due

4th - Math Chapter 3 Exam

9th- Social Studies Chapter 3 Exam

14th- Newspaper Editorial due- Final Copy! (ELA)

17th- Current Events due

22nd- Earthquake/Volcano Report due (Science)

Note: There will be no test on Science Chapter 3

29th- Math Chapter 4 Exam

29th- Earthquake/Volcano Project due (Science)

D e c e m b e r

1st- Current Events due

5th- ELA Chapter 4 Exam

8th- "Visit America" Brochures Finished! (Social Studies)

8th- Newspaper Editorial Revised Final Copy due (after Mrs. Ryan's revisions)

12th- "Visit America" Brochure Presentations (Social Studies)

15th- Writing Instructions Essay due (ELA)

15th- Current Events due

16th- Math Chapter 5 Exam

19th- Science Chapter 4 Exam

20th- Solar System Project due (Science)

J a n u a r y

5th- Current Events due

6th- Compare/Contrast Essay on A Christmas Carol due

12th- Social Studies Chapter 7 Exam

13th- Math Chapter 6 Exam

17th- ELA Chapter 7 Exam

19th- Current Events due

31st- Science Chapter 5 Exam

F e b r u a r y

1st- Math Chapter 7 Exam

2nd- Current Events due

3rd- ELA Chapter 9 Exam

6th- Social Studies Chapter 8 Exam

9th- Science Fair Packet Part 1 due

14th- Science Fair Packet Part 2 due

16th- Math Chapter 8 Exam

16th- Current Events due

16th- Historical Fiction Essay due (Final copy: typed with cover)

28th- Science Chapter 6 Exam

29th- Science Fair Packet Part 3 due

M a r c h

1st- Current Events due

5th- Social Studies Chapter 9 Exam

5th- Science Fair Project Board due

6th- Science Fair whole Project due! Final Project, with completed packet!

13th- Math Chapter 9 Exam

15th- ELA Chapter 11 Exam

15th- Current Events due

20th- (Science) Health Chapter 1 Exam

26th- Social Studies Chapter 10 Exam

30th- ELA Chapter 13 Exam

A p r i l

 3rd- Social Studies Chapter 11 Exam

18th- Math Chapter 10 Exam

19th- Health Chapter 2 Exam

19th- Current Events due

25th- Final Copy of Limerick and Free Verse Poems due

M a y

3rd- Current Events due

10th- Health Chapter 3 Exam

14th- Math Chapter 11 Exam

15th- ELA Chapter 15 Exam

17th- Current Events due

18th- Health Chapter 4 Exam

24th- Social Studies Chapter 14 Exam

J u n e

4th- Health Chapter 5 Exam

5th- Animal Research Report and Project due

7th- Math Chapter 12 Exam

11th- Business Letter due

12th- Health Chapter 6 Exam

15th- Social Studies Group (in class) Projects finished (Mexico, Central America, South America, West Indies) *Bring simple clothes and/or props and a food item to contribute to your group's presentation