Monday, September 21

Religion- Took a Quiz over Ch. 2, tomorrow we will begin Ch. 3.  The quiz over chapter 3 will be next Monday.

Math- We reviewed all of Ch. 1 and the students are to complete worksheet 1.5 front and back

Reading- We read our story about Trees today.  We completed workbook page 17 comparing Deciduous and Coniferous Trees.

Spelling- We worked on wkbk page 15

Grammar- workbook page 13.  We will also be going back over subjects and predicates this week since the students are really struggling with this.

Science- We began reading Section 2 on classification of organisms.

Students will bring home a packet of graded papers today and our weekly letter, the date on the top is incorrect.  I noticed that at the end of the day after the students had all their papers.  Any low grades may be redone.  Several students have 0's on papers for not following directions.  Please have them redo the papers and send in as soon as possible.  Students will receive a missing work sheet on Friday if they have any missing work.



September 14, 2009

Math- book page 9 1-22

Religion- Took Test over Ch. 1

Science- Continued with our Egg Experiment

Reading- Read Davy Crockett Saves the World and define 8 vocabulary words from the unit

Spelling- workbook page 9 and 10

Grammar- workbook page 9 and hard book page 58 6-16 and page 59 6-15