October 1-4, 7-9 Newsletter

Mrs. Salamon’s summary

Sept 30-October 4, 7-12, 2013

Reading & Word Work

*tested word sort words: there are 4 different word work groups, who study/practice/test separately

*played “blind sort” to practice word patterns & write words without seeing them

*played “word operations”  and wrote sentences with our words

*assessed reading levels using Guiding Reading (a to z)

Word Wall Words: what, they, trip, made, make 


*began double digit addition with "Break Apart the Tens and Ones" method first

*continued double digit addition with carrying!

*played many different games to solidify the double-digit addition process

*played Place Value Concentration

*enjoyed interactive whiteboard lessons


*"published" our All About Me Books (displayed on our bulletin board)

*in small groups, began writing short, nonfiction books on an agreed upon topic

*used a bubble map to organize and create a piece of nonfiction writing

*continue to focus on Capital Letter Starts & ending punctuation


*learned about the 3 principles of recycling: reduce, reuse, recycle

*brainstormed ideas of ways to reduce, reuse, and recylce

*discoverd renewable resources and ways to prevent polution


*It was wonderful to see so many of you at the class potluck and at conferences!

*The students did very well getting through our first PIA.  We all enjoyed challenging ourselves! 

*Seats were changed after the PIA. If your student feels distracted by their table mates, please encourage them to speak up so I might find a better place for them to sit.

* I created a Shutterfly Share Site so I may share pictures taken on field trips and around the class.  You should receive an email to join the site and view the pictures.  This approach was done to respect the students' privacy. (I highly suggest viewing the site - I took the pictures with my professional grade camera and the shots came out great!)