Parent Information

The following information answers the questions I get asked most frequently.  If you still have a question, please ask - I bet another parent may be wondering the same thing!

Take- Home Folders

Every night your student will have a blue take-home folder in their backpack; empty it out, look over their work, and send the folder back to school the next day.  

Homework Folder

On Mondays I send home a yellow homework folder.  In this folder you will find packet of Homework along with story and spelling list.  The cover of the packet explains what I would like you to do with your child each evening.  It is important that you try not to do the whole packet in one evening, as the assignments go along with the activities we do throughout the week.  The yellow homework folder is for you to keep all week.  It needs to be returned the following Monday with completed assignments. 

Weekly Newsletter

In the Wednesday Folder I will send home a weekly newsletter, titled Mrs. Sander's Sun-Times.  Please read and be aware of what is going on in our classroom!  I will keep you posted on upcoming assessments, field trips, classroom parties, and other important dates.   

Wednesday Folders

Every Wednesday a Crawford County folder will come home in your student's backpack.  This will have important notes from the office and me, send the folder back to school by the following Wednesday.  This is where you will find Mrs. Sander's Sun-Times as well!

Library Books

On Wednesdays our class will visit the school library.  They will get to check out one book each week.  The book needs to be returned to school by the following Wednesday.   

Classroom Management Plan

In our classroom we have a green-yellow-blue-red card system.  Every student starts the day on green.  They are all allowed one verbal warning.  Once a second rule has been broken, your child changes their card to yellow - 2nd warning.  If you child must change their card to blue it is a loss of 15 minutes at recess.  A third time - red - is a loss of 30 minutes at recess.  If the behavior continues we will go to the principal or call home.  MANY postive reinforments are available through: praise, games, station time, projects, or even prizes.  Your student will have a behavior sheet clipped to the inside of their take-home folder.  I would like you to check your child's behavior and initial everyday.