7th Written in Bone Day 1

Day 1

Good afternoon, young forensic anthropologists! We will be attending the computer lab often to engage in online studies that will help us better understand the text.  


Today's assignment involves an introducation to our studies. Please start by clicking on the link  to the following webpage: The Smithsonian National Muesum of Natural History.  You will need to keep a tab open to this page so you may have access to the directions. 



1.Click on 'Skeleton Keys' on left index

Click on the various bones in the image.  Use this to complete questions 6-10 on your worksheet.


2. Click on 'Bone Basics.' Look at your worksheet.  Click on the corresponding section on your screen and complete your section. 


If you finish early, you may  watch  video about how the solid tissues in our body change


Bonus- complete on worksheet- 1. if you were to become a member, what are the three levels of the Leadership Circle? Hint, the first level is the Benefactor's Circle at a donation of  $1,000. 2. Name three areas of interest.