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Decimals are parts of a whole number.   Place value for decimal numbers is similar to whole number place value, except you do not include ones.  With decimal numbers, the place value is

.tenths, hundredths, thousandths (notice the THS spelling)

Read and Write Decimal Numbers:

Standard Form: 6.345 

Word Form: six and three hundred forty-five thousandths

Standard Form: 0.6

Word Form: you do not need to say zero and six tents, you can say six tenths


Model Decimals:

If they ask you to model 0.5, you need to draw 10 total sqaures since this is 5 TENTHS, and shade in 5 of the squares


Decimals on a Number: Please look at your study Island lesson-Decimals on a Number Line

Adding and Subtracting Decimal Numbers-make sure that the decimals are lined up, then you just bring the decimal down (boom, boom, POW)  Then simply add or subtract, just like you did with whole numbers.


Please click on the below link to practice various decimal skills





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