Fabulous Websites For Learning

I  have tried to include links for all elemetary grades as well as a variety of subjects on this webpage.

Sites for Grades 1-2

  • Starfall.com- Reading instruction and reading games for students in Pre-K-1. It's hard to believe this site is free.

·    Reading is Fundamental.This site has many stories for Pre-K-2 students.*

 ·    Kid's Lab -Great site with tons of terrific activities. Try the reading comprehension section.*  ·   

Storyplace.org -a site with online stories and activities. Grades pre-K-Kindergarten.* ·   

Online Story Time-This site is more for teachers but has many online stories. It is advertised as a pre-school site but the stories are suitable forK-1 students.  ·   

British Council Stories -This site has many stories that are read aloud. Check for spelling and pronunciation differences.  

·    Games on PBS Kids - Games for K-2. "WordPlay" can be used for students in grades 3-4. ·      Arthur -Sequencing activity where students hear a story and put pictures in order.

·    Printable Games -For readers in Grades 1-2.

 ·    Storyline Online -A terrific site with stories read by actors from the ScreenActors' Guild. Grades 1-4.* ·   

Reading-A-To-Z - This is a commercial site with free books that you can download and print. Grades 1-4.

·    Raz-kids.com-Reading and listening activities for elementary age students.*

·    Tumblebook Library - Click on "stories." A large collectionof stories from the Los Angeles Public Library. All grades.

·    Clifford - Activities pre-K-2.Try the reading and writing section with students in grades 2-3. ·    Videos - Short Clifford videos. Click on "See and Hear." Grades K-2. ·

    Berenstain Bears Games and Songs - Great activities for young children including word games, songs and puzzles. Grades K-2.

·    Game Goo - Learning that sticks - Great learning games for young children. Grades K-2. ·     

The Reading Lady Includes short plays for students in grades 1-2.*

·    Calgary Public Library. See Children's Talking Tales for Grades 1-2.*

·    Enchanted learning Printable books and for students in grades K-4.

·    Kiz Club Printable books and for students in grades K-1.

www.adrianbruce.com great site for k-1 reading including alphabet and sight words!

Sites for Grades 3-5 (Taken from Elementary Web Sites for English Language Learners by Judie Haynes. http://www.everythingesl.net/inservices/elementary_sites_ells_71638.php on 6-2-09.)

·    MadLibs for Advanced Beginners in Grades 3-5

·    Reading is Fundemental. Look at the writing activities for students in Grades 2-5.

·    Grammar Gorillas for Advanced Beginners in Grades 3-5

·    Stories for Kids for Advanced Beginners in Grades 3-5

·    Bookhive.com -This site has multicultural children's stories told by famous storytellers. Be sure to click on "Listen to a story." For Grades 2-5

 ·    Songs for Kids - Grammar songs for students in Grades 2-5.

·    Postcards from Buster - See Buster’s adventures from various places in the U.S. Each city has video, audio, map skills and games. Grades 3-5.*

·    Kid's Lab -Terrific site with many great activities. Try the Science vocabulary section.

·    Arthur -Games from Arthur. Grades 2-5.

·    Captain Underpants - Make a comic. Grades 2-4

·    Scholastic - A program for kids to make flashcards. Grades 3-8.

·    Surfing the Net with KidsSite with games and puzzles in different subject areas.

·    Write a book report - Students make a book report sandwich. Grades 4-8.

·    Spelling Wizard - Use spelling words to make a word search or sentence scramble. Grades 3-6.

·    Tumblebook Library - Online stories read from the Los Angeles Public Library. All grades. ·     

Poetry - Gives examples of different types of Poetry.

·    Science vocabulary - Label pictures using science vocabulary. Grades 4-8.* ·

    Songs and Rhymes- Songs for students in all grades.

·    Owl online This is a good grammar site for 6-12

·    FunBrain reading Intermediate students in grades 5-8.

·    Zoom - Games, activities and science experiments from the TV Show Zoom. Grades 4-6. ·     

U.S. Symbols - U.S. Government information from Ben's Guide. Grades 3-5.

·    Social Studies Vocabulary Games - Vocabulary from U.S. government. Grades 3-5.

·    Spiders. Spider activities for kids. Gr. 3-6. Sites for Grades 4-8· 

   Jamestown Adventure.Students become colonists and make decisions about how to run their colony. Grades 5-12.*

·    Listening Activities - Designed for older students but pronunciation and listening activities could be used for students grades 4 and up.*

·    BrainPop-This site has some free sections to teach grammar. Look up "nouns" and watch the video. Grades 5-8.

·    ESLbears-A site for beginning students. Exercises in pronunciation, reading and vocabulary. Grades 3-8. *

·    Multicultural Stories -Stories from around the world by Nick Jr. Grades 3-8

·    Brainteasers, Puzzles and Riddles - Kids' page from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Grades 5-8

·    Translation Site - Students can bookmark this site to translate words from English to their native language. Grades 3-12.

·    Interactive games and activities- Social Studies Games from Ben's Guide to the U.S Government. Grades 5-8.

·    Audio Comprehension - An audio concentration game for Grades 4-12.*

·    Homophone game - Match homophones in this concentration game.* Grades 4-8. ·     

Wordsearches - Wordsearches on U.S. Presidents. Grades 4-8.

·    Movie Trailers Listening activities using movie trailers for Grades 5-12. ·    ESL and Archie

Comics - Lesson plans and comic strips for Grades 5-12.

·    Vocabulary Vocabulary games - From Interesting Things For ESL Students, aa collection of vocaabulary games for Grades 6-12. Other Educational Sites

·    Fun Brain, Kids Center - Check out Flash Games: Words and find fabulous interactive games for ELLs.

·    Learning Planet, Kids Page - This site has many great choices of games with audio to pratice listening comprehension. And, you can choose games by grade level.

·    Children's Folklore - Wonderful site where children have written and posted about the games, folktales, customs and more from their countries.

·    Starfall - Amazing site for emergent readers.

·    PBS Kids - PBS Kids has many games ELLs would benefit from. Check out games on Between the Lions, Arthur, and even Barney.

·    Learning Vocabulary - Vocabulary games like matching, word search, crosswords and more!·     

Traditional Children's Games - Read about children's games from around the world with a special photo gallery.

·    Scholastic Games - Lots and lots of educational, interactive games. Check out Captain Underpants to make your own comic.

·    Gamequarium-Language Arts Games - Awesome games for ELLs. The sentence structure games are great.

·    Internet Picture Dictionary - An internet picture dictionary with online games.

·    Easy Vocab Quizzes - Great for beginners.·    Activities for ESL Students - Many activities for ELLs divided by level.·

    Story Place, Preschool Library - I love this site. Listen to a short story and follow-up with an online activity and a take home activity. Great for beginning ELLs of any age.

·    Reading is Fundamental, Online Activities - Creative online activities. Students can write a poem, a story, create of word puzzle, publish a book review and more...all online.

·    Word Reference - User-friendly online bilingual dictionary. English to French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian.·

    Wacky Web Tales - Fill in different words and click to make a story.

·    Grammar Blast - Tons of grammar activities divided by grade level.

·    Sentence Sorting - Great sentence sorting activity.

·    Monkey Business - Great visual sentence building game.






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