September Newsletter Easy Games To Make To Review

There are many easy ways you can reinforce the spelling, reading, social studies, science, and math vocabulary words your child is learning at school.   ·       Play checkers – play a game of checkers with your child, but before they can move their checker, they have to correctly read a vocabulary word, give the correct definition of a word, use the word in a sentence, give the correct answer to a math flashcard, or name a letter/sound.  I have enclosed a checker board in your packet.  If you don’t have checkers try using 2 types of macaroni, buttons, beads,  even 2 types of beans J ·       Make your own game board - use an old or favorite game board or create your own with construction paper and stickers or use stamps to create the path from start to finish.  The Dollar Tree is a great source for cheap materials!   ·       NASCAR Racing Fun! – You can create a simple racetrack from a piece of paper, plastic, placemat, or even a towel or bathmat.  Your child has to they have to correctly read a vocabulary word, give the correct definition of a word, use the word in a sentence, or give the correct answer to a math flashcard  in order to move his/her car one space forward around the racetrack.   Race to see who wins!     ·       Scrabble – use your Scrabble game to spell your child’s vocabulary or word wall words.   ·       Play Go Fish! – make 2 copies of the word wall words, vocabulary terms, or math facts your child is struggling with and play the familiar Go Fish! Card game with them.  My classes love this game J·       Fishing Game – make a fishing pole out of a stick and string; place a magnet at the end of your “line”; write the words or math facts your child needs to practice on pieces of paper and put a paper clip on each paper.  Let your child “fish” for words/problems/vocabulary terms and read the word, solve the problem or give the answer for each “fish” they catch.  Parent Teacher Conferences Parent teacher conferences will be held on the evenings of October 21st and 22nd.  I will be available for conferences in Oneida on Oct. 21st and in Wataga on Oct. 22nd.  I hope to be able to meet with all students in the Title I program during this time, but will meet with any parents concerned about their child’s progress in reading as time allows.  I can be reached in Oneida from 8:15-12:30 and in Wataga from 1:00 until 3:45.How To Help Your Child Read 1.      Talk to your child about what they are reading2.    Let your child see you read3.    Read to your child4.    Play games that encourage/support reading What To Do If You Are Concerned About Your Child’s Reading  Progress 1.      Talk to your child’s teacher  to share your concerns2.      Did you have difficulty in reading when you were a child?  Let the teacher know this information.3.      Do you think your child has vision or hearing problems?  Talk to your family doctor.  Happy  Reading !!!Linda Schulthes, NBCTTitle I Teacher