Third Grade Homework
In third grade, students will have homework Monday through Thursday.  Homework is given to the students at the end of the day and is to be returned the next morning when arriving at school.  Students will also be expected to bring home any work that is not finished in school during class work time.  I generally give ample time to complete work in class, but in the rare occasion it is not finished, it is to be brought home.  The homework schedule is as follows:
Monday: Math Homework
Tuesday: Reading Homework
Wednesday: Spelling Homework
Thursday: Reading Homework
Math Homework will include basic facts practice and concepts that are mostly review from second grade.  One trend we notice as third and fourth grade teachers is that students struggle on state tests because they are not fluent in basic facts.  Addition and Subtraction facts should be memorized by mid-year (December).  This is a goal I am putting forth for my class this year.  We will start Multiplication around mid-year and it is crucial that students know addtion in order to do multiplication.  Please stress with your child how important it is to know their basic facts and not to rely on fingers and toes to add and subtract!!!
 Reading Homework will be a book sent home each week along with a notebook.  The student should read the book either to him or herself or to a parent and then respond to one of the provided prompts.  On Thursday evening the student should read the book again and respond to a different prompt.  Reading books more than once may seem "boring" to a child but provides invaluable practice at fluent reading.  Rereading text helps us become more fluent, expressive readers and that is our goal!!!
Spelling Homework will be a practice sheet that is different for each week.  Some are sorting activities and others are just practicing the words for the week.  Please make sure you DO NOT LOSE your spelling list when it is sent home on Fridays.  The words will also be listed here under the Spelling link a the top of the page in case they do become lost!  PLEASE READ: LOST SPELLING WORDS IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO NOT HAVE YOUR SPELLING HOMEWORK DONE!!